Our Pre-school

Bonbeach Pre-school provides families with a unique experience in which kindergarten and school are integrated in one location. The Pre-school has a separate entrance to the primary school and a separate playground. 



Our Pre-school program aims to introduce each child to an enjoyable and challenging environment where they can develop a love of learning. The program encompasses all areas of development, intellectual, social, emotional, physical and language enrichment.


The Pre-school offers a play based program based on the needs and interests of the children, using the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) and the thoughts and ideas of many Early Childhood theorists and researchers. Educators also contribute to the program by introducing topics, information and experiences to enrich, challenge and extend children’s learning. 


The Pre-school curriculum is developed by staff after direct observation of the children, both individually and as a whole group and in response to the goals that a set for each child’s journey of learning and development. This allows for each child’s experience to be tailored to their needs.


We highly value the links between home, Pre-school, school and the wider community and work in partnership with all of these groups to provide the best start for each individual child on their education journey.


Children are encouraged to freely explore the Pre-school environment and follow their curiosities, while being guided by the Pre-school’s dedicated team of staff. Each child explores at their own pace and level and are encouraged by educators to build confidence, independence and strive for their best. 


The Pre-school fosters in each child a feeling of self worth, kindness, independence, respect for others, tolerance and self discipline. The Pre-school program introduces these concepts to the children by using the 'You Can Do It’ program focused on building self esteem.



A unique transition program is run with the primary school. Children participate in visits to the junior school classrooms and school playground. Senior school children visit and read stories to the Pre-school children, later they are paired up and become school buddies. Children borrow books from the school library and participate in special whole school events.


Bonbeach Pre-school aims to make the kindergarten experience a happy one for each child. The children begin their education in the Pre-school developing a love of learning and experience being a part of the school community, building confidence and familiarity, ensuring they get a smooth and positive start to school.

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